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Theraputic counseling services are available for individuals, couples and families who are dealing with a variety of issues. We help Individuals who are wanting to address problems expressing as depression, anxiety or problematic behaviors.  Couples in distress, Child behavior or emotional problems in a Family therapy context.  (we do not treat children under 18years old except in family or parent counseling) 

Graduate Interns: Michelle Salois is a Field Supervisor with St. Louis Schools of Social work and Professional counseling. As such she supervises the final year of on the job training in counseling for one or more Master's students.  The students are available for sliding scale (down to $1 as needed)  

Clinical License Supervision is available for those pursuing their LCSW -Clinical Social Work License- in Missouri or Illinois.     

Check your Insurance Company panel list to see if Michelle Salois is on your insurance.


ONLINE services such as video conferencing sessions can be arranged.  I am licensed in MO and Illinois but not other states so clients must reside in one or the other.  Online treatment is usually not covered by insurance.

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