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IN order to follow guidance for how we can stay safe and 'flatten the curve' of the Corona virus pandemic as of March 16, 2020. All Counseling and supervision services will be online.  While video therapy will be an adjustment, it has been shown to be effective in a number of studies.  


There are, of course, risks and benefits.  Reduced exposure to possible virus in our office environment is one of my main goals.  If you or I rely on Medicare or other insurance for reimbursement for your therapy, video therapy is now reimbursable, while phone counseling is not.  Call the number on your Insurance card to verify if you will have coverage under your particular plan.  


Risks include more complex parameters for maintaining confidentiality. It’s essential that you are in a quiet place, where you can maintain privacy on your side.  I will do the same.  Another risk is system failure, and these networks are heavily loaded now with clinicians turning to video therapy. Of course you or I may also have 'user error' as we get used to using the platform.  We need to have a back up system, which for the moment, would be the telephone or Face Time, which is currently being permitted by government agencies, although Face Time or Skype are perhaps less secure.


What’s needed is a computer with a camera or a tablet or smart phone – you initiate by entering the following in your browser on either device (Chrome may be necessary on  some smartphones):  It is important to have some way to prop up tablets or phones so that you can have a still picture of your face fairly close to the camera (you don't want me to get sea sick, and sometimes too much movement causes the software to freeze)    

eW will have a split screen set up in a secure online video platform.  No recordings will be made without your written permission. 

New Clients please complete forms under INTAKE tab and email to me at


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