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Good Faith Estimate

Fees & Policies

Michelle Salois' hourly rate is $200 per 50-55 minute hour for individual sessions.  


If I am on your insurance panel- you may already have a negotiated rate with a copay and or deductible that your insurance company determines.  Some Insurance panels only cover 45 minute sessions .


I have a sliding scale based on household income and number of dependents. This fee is discussed on the phone or in the first session. This scale may go as low as $100 per hour.


If you need a sliding scale lower than that, I have excellent students and graduates working under my supervision.  That sliding scale can go as low as $1


CANCELLATIONS.  I appreciate notice as soon as you know you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, I will do the same for you should I need to reschedule.  Since Insurance does not pay for cancelled sessions; if you have not given 36 hour notice you will be responsible for the total fee (your copay plus what insurance would have paid if you had kept the appointment). 


This fee may be waived in cases where Extreme weather or significant contagious illness may necessitate shorter notice  .   

Good Faith Estimate

  • You will know your per-session cost (if negotiated other than listed above) either before or at your first session.  The number of sessions you will need to accomplish your goals is up to you and cannot be predicted ahead of time. You have a right to terminate therapy and thus end further costs whenever you decide.

  •  Brief (15 minutes or less) and infrequent between-session contacts will not incur any charge unless discussed and agreed to.

  • Therapist preparation of documents, records or participation in any legal matters may have separate, and higher hourly charges.   

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