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 Mercy Professional Services is a 501c3 NonProfit dedicated to providing compassionate and competent counseling and psychotherapy to persons of any income, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.  We are also a training site for advancing the skills of new therapists entering the profession.    

7200 Manchester- INSIDE Indigo Massage and Wellness

Michelle Salois, RN, MSW, LCSW.

Clinical Director

about michelle; our clinical director...
As a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work and a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Family Therapy, Michelle enjoys working with Couples in distress, Child behavior or emotional problems in a Family therapy context, and with Individuals who are wanting to address problems expressing as depression, anxiety or problematic behaviors. 
Michelle strives to combine a tender supportiveness with confident guidance and often uses between-session assignments to help people move actively towards their goals.  
With past experience in Nursing and Catholic Parish Ministry and an undergraduate degree in Theology; Michelle approaches counseling with a broad understanding of what in a person’s life and relationships might need a new kind of balance or understanding so that problems may be overcome, behaviors changed and relationships renewed.
Deep wounds which disrupt daily living such as those resulting from childhood sexual abuse are a specialty of hers and she has developed many methods aimed at more rapid relief of the distressing symptoms so that the person may move sooner  toward a more fulfilling future.  She has extensive experience working with issues of illness, dying and grief from her work in hospitals and Hospice care

this is Herby

Herby is Michelle's Shih tzu/yorkie.  He joins Michelle in the office several days a week.

He's still in training but he will greet you with enthusiasm and then he minds his own business.  

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